Training Season 2020

WARNING: our backlog of people interested in training is currently 2 years long!

Training Cost

  • $3000 for 14 days (May 9September 20). call to schedule days ahead of time.


  • $1500 for 14 days with purchase of Motor and Wing from School of Personal Flight.
  • Fly/train on the good-weather days; do knowledge work indoors on the bad days.
  • You just need to bring ankle-supporting footwear. The school will provide:
    • Radio Helmet
    • Radio
    • gloves

Partial Training

Trained elsewhere and hold a rating already? The following table is a breakdown of the price charged for an incoming student with the indicated level of prior experience. Since I make money from sales as well as training, I steeply discount the price of training with gear purchase.

Prior TrainingWith Motor & Wing PurchaseBring Own Gear
No Prior Experience$ 1500 (14 lessons) $ 3000 (14 lessons)
USHPA P1 $ 850 (9 lessons) $ 2200 (9 lessons)
USHPA P2 + FREE (5 lessons) $ 1200 (5 lessons)
USPPA PPG1 $ 650 (6 lessons) $ 1450 (6 lessons)
USPPA PPG2 +FREEWhy are you here?

Lesson Content

Typically 3 hours, depending on daylight available. May include towed- or tandem- instruction. Taught to the USPPA Syllabus. courses cover:

  • Safety – how to keep your fingers and your life!
  • Ground School – taught in an air-conditioned conference room.
  • Ground Handling – 90% of the skill required to fly is ground handling.
  • Flight Training – from your first solo to your first few flights, have an experienced voice in your ear.
  • Motor Maintenance – preventative and restorative, with an emphasis on the preventative.
  • Aviation Law – FAR 103: How to have fun without messing it up for the rest of us.