The School of Personal Flight (SPF) was founded in April, 2015 to teach Powered Paragliding in Northern New England. The mission of the School of Personal Flight is to teach student pilots the knowledge, judgement, and sense of adventure required to aviate safely and responsibly while realizing their dream of personal flight.


School of Personal Flight in the News


David McNulty

Dave has been paragliding since 2008, and flying powered paragliders since 2010. Dave started instructing, first as an apprentice, then on his own, in 2013. In 2015 he left his job at Boeing to teach Powered Paragliding full-time, and became a USPPA-certified instructor.

The sport of Powered Paragliding has taken Dave to unusual places, from searching for a neighbor’s lost cat to a pirate invasion of Lubec, Maine.

His off-season sport is cross-country free flight competition, a passion which has taken him across several countries and cost him more money than he’s made from it.


  • USPPA PPG3, Tandem Instructor
  • USHPA P4

In the news:

HSBNoticias: Una competencia de altura ‘Open Fai’, Valle Del Cauca, Colombia (in the photo, but the name is wrong)

Competition placings:

  • East Coast Paragliding Championships, May 2015 (2nd place, EN-B category)
  • Spring Fling, April 2016 (Overall Champion!)
  • East Coast Paragliding Championships, May 2016 (2nd place, Sport Category)
  • Lonestar XC Championship, August 2016 (Overall Champion!)
  • Spring Fling, April 2017 (3rd place, Serial Category)
  • East Coast Paragliding Championships, February 2018 (Overall Champion!)
  • Spring Fling, April 2019 (3rd place overall)


Chris Parish

Chris has been powered paragliding since 2016. Growing up as a “military brat” of the Air Force, being around aircraft and flight decks was a common occurrence. This had always lit a spark in his interest for aviation. While the path was set to become a fighter pilot for the Air Force, fate would have it another way as he became a father at a young age. Although his priorities had shifted, his passion for aviation had always remained.

It was one day visiting Old Orchard beach that he saw someone flying what appeared to be some sort of parachute with some fan looking thing on his back. He went home that night and researched what this amazing contraption was. It was that point he discovered powered paragliding. He spent the next couple years researching a reliable instructor who could also help with purchasing equipment. It was in that time frame that he discovered the School of Personal Flight and met Dave. After meeting Dave in person, he went all in with training.

Since learning to fly, Chris has logged over 300 hours of flight time and flies as much as possible. His passion to teach, as a former fitness trainer and coaching people with finances working for a credit union, led him to inquire with SPF about becoming a trainer.

When not flying, Chris enjoys time with his wife, Krystal and his two kids, Matthew (15) and Abby (10). Anything involving the outdoors is always intriguing and he loves adventures such as white water rafting and skydiving. He is also attending University of Maine to pursue a bachelors degree in aviation, with the goal to become a commercial transport pilot.