USPPA PPG3, Instructor, Tandem Instructor
USHPA P4, Tow Technician
In the News:
HSBNoticias: Una competencia de altura ‘Open Fai’, Valle Del Cauca, Colombia (in the photo, but the name is wrong)
Spring Fling, April 2015
East Coast Paragliding Championships, May 2015 (2nd place, EN-B category)
Valle Intrepídos, December 2015
Monarca, December 2015
Roldanillo 1st International Open, January 2016
Spring Fling, April 2016 (Overall Champion!)
East Coast Paragliding Championships, May 2016 (2nd place, Sport Category)
Lonestar XC Championship, August 2016 (Overall Champion!)
Monarca, December 2017 (Injured; Volunteering)
Roldanillo 2nd International Open, January 2017
Spring Fling, April 2017 (3rd place, Serial Category)
East Coast Paragliding Championships, May 2017
US Nationals/Rat Race, June 2017
Monarca Open, January 2018
Roldanillo International Open, February 2018
Spring Fling, April 2018
East Coast Paragliding Championships, February 2018 (Overall Champion!)
Maine XC Paragliding distance- 78.5km (49.1 miles), 2 hours 50 minutes View the Flight Track