This probably isn’t surprising anymore, but we’ve basically put the business on hold during this Coronavirus outbreak. Anyone who applies for lessons is put on a list which at this point is about 2 years out, even if we had the whole summer to teach.

I am still selling, keeping people in parts, and performing work on Air Conception motors. The more I familiarize myself with these motors, the more I like them– they’re simple, reliable starters in cold weather, and lightweight while still having the power to lift large pilots. If you haven’t already, visit my shop. I stock commonly-needed parts here in the US for fast/cheap shipment to pilots. If the part requires a custom size or material, I’ll probably have to ship from Europe. Things like Pistons, Cylinders, Seals, Starter parts, etc. are all right here.

If you’re looking to get into the sport, this summer is going to be rough– I don’t know any instructors nearby who are taking students. If you’re a pilot, fly safe, and I hope the warm weather comes soon!

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