Summer Update 2019

Flying toward Mousam Lake, near Sanford, Maine.

It happened. Between the new software job I started in February and PPG instructing with the rest of my time, I got waaaay behind on my blogging this year. It’s been an exciting and busy season with lots of flying; not so much communicating. This year, thankfully, I got help! More on that below.

New Pilots

We have a bunch of new Powered Paragliding pilots from this summer: Ross, Starr, Dan, Shawn, Jose. Congratulations to all these pilots, and best wishes this Fall! Some of these pilots will be taking their USPPA written tests and earning their PPG 2 ratings.

If you need a USPPA rating, contact me at I can witness your demonstrated skills and set up a test for you. I charge for training and teaching, but not the rating.

New Instructor

As the wait-list grew into 2021, I realized I couldn’t do this all alone. In what couldn’t have been better timed, An experienced local pilot professed his desire to instruct.

Welcome to Chris Parish, who is instructing PPG with the School of Personal Flight this year. His passion for the sport and for teaching will make him a valuable mentor.

News Segment

We were on the News this week:

High Pressure: In front of news cameras, Chris coached Jose through his first PPG flight. (snapshot from video by Beth McEvoy, NEWS CENTER MAINE)

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