2019 – Weather, Air Conception Parts, Training Info


2019 flying season has almost started. This winter was long and mostly flightless, save for a few diehard days when a couple of us got finger-freezing 5-minute flights. It’s now April, and temperatures are rising while wind speeds are dropping. I predict we’ll be flying regularly by May. Afternoon classes start May 9.

I often look at the Sanford Airport Weather forecasts to get a general sense of the weather around Southern Maine. This past month, pilots have observed that the forecast has been underestimating the wind speeds and gusts speeds, so keep that in mind. My prediction is that weather will follow the model a little better once summer starts. I have a widget for Sanford weather on the Weather page.

April kiting. It was cold, but kiting is athletic enough that we stayed warm. The wind was strong and reasonably smooth. We left before a storm pelted the field with sleet.


Paramotoring has received a lot of interest locally in the past couple of years, and I am now wait-listing students. Be aware that if you sign up for lessons, you probably won’t be starting until May 2020. There’s no deposit or commitment to occupy the wait-list, so feel free to sign up. You’re still welcome to come up and see training in action– it might help you gauge whether this sport is what you’re looking for. I’ll contact you when a space opens. If you find another instructor or school in the meantime, don’t wait for me, go fly!

Online Store

An online store is in the making. I am now stocking hook knives and Powerfloat Rescue Devices, as well as recharge kits for your rescue should it become submersed. I have U-Shaped and 2BSure, and recharge kits for both.

Air Conception Parts

I have become a parts provider for Air Conception motors, and I am stocking parts in the US. If you need anything for your Nitro 200 or Tornado 280 in the near-term, shoot me an email describing the part and I’ll send it along!

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