Local pilots in Red Bull X-Alps!

© Red Bull GmbH.
Eduardo Garza selected for Red Bull X-Alps 2019! (© Red Bull GmbH.)

Since 2013 or so I’ve been following the Red Bull X-Alps race– sometimes from my phone, sometimes from my work computer– watching the dots race over 1000km to Monaco against a map of the Alps. Pilots will be flying as much as they can, but when weather doesn’t allow flight, they’ll be running. I’m really proud that two of our New England colleagues are going to be in the 2019 X-Alps: Eduardo Garza, supported by Bianca Heinrich!

If you’ve followed the X-Alps before, you’re familiar with the degree of mental and physical toughness required to compete. From the X-Alps About the Race page:

From Salzburg, they make their way only by foot and paraglider to Monaco, navigating over 1000km of treacherous alpine terrain. Often covering distances of 100km per day, sometimes more, athletes must combine skill and strategy, while overcoming injury and fatigue. Many will accept defeat and drop out before the end, but a select few will stop at nothing to reach the finish line.

Eduardo is representing his home country of Mexico, but until recently he has held the New England paragliding distance record (only beaten by world record holder, Donizete Lemos!), and both he and Bianca currently co-own the Vermont State record. Eduardo is also an ardent mountain hiker. Bianca will be supporting Eduardo on the flight, which draws on her decorated paragliding experience to develop strategies with the route, logistics and the weather to outfly the competing atheletes and keep Eduardo healthy.

So, congratulations! I’ll be rooting for you Eduardo!

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  1. Go Eduardo and Bianca! Bryan and I will be cheering from Ireland.

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