2018 Spring Season

Here’s an update on my plans for the 2018 season:

I didn’t meet income goals for 2017. Consequently, I need a second job. To accommodate the second job, I’m eliminating the intensive 9-day training. After May, I’ll just be teaching weekends and afternoons. This will work very well for most of the people who have approached me over the years, but I realize it’s a bummer for folks who were able to take a whole week off at a time. I recommend a program such as Aviator PPG‘s for those who can make it down there. I think immersion is superior to splitting training up over the whole summer.

Tandem Flights

This was one of my goals for 2017, but it was delayed due to a thoracic injury last winter. Finally, in 2018 I’ll be available for Tandem Foot-Launch flight training. I’m still working on all the certification steps, but I expect to be operational by May. I’m really excited about this, as I’ll be able to show prospective pilots what flying a paramotor is like without the stress of them being the pilot-in-command for their maiden flight. We’ll be able to safely practice and practice things like Pitch and Roll oscillations– the gremlins of the sport.

Keep in mind, passengers will still need to be fit enough to launch a paramotor themselves in order to fly as a passenger. Sign up is here: Training Season 2018

No More Borrowed Motors

I’ll no longer be supplying school motors for training, at least not in 2018. When ground handling and towed/tandem flight training is complete, I’ll expect pilots to buy their own motor (and I am here to help you do that; whether you’re looking for a new motor or used).

I’m going to miss teaching with school motors– I could always depend on them, and I always knew their batteries were charged, fuel was new, structure was intact, etc. It was an excellent value proposition for pilots who weren’t sure what motor they really wanted. However, I’m not going to miss maintaining a fleet of them, doing taxes on them, and storing and transporting them in my little car.

I will have some wings and harnesses for teaching the difficult parts of paramotoring (wing handling), and I plan to utilize tandem flight training in 2018, so students will have some idea of what flying is like without needing to buy a motor right away.

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  1. Hi Dave Its Keith…I,m still alive but it was a horrible fall winter for us…sorry ive been out of touch for so long…Sad to see you fell short of your last seasons goals…you are a great teacher and I look forward to being able to further my training w you..( If still possible)..Hope this note finds the both of you well…Do you still have gear for sale…please let me know…thanks again Keith

    • Great hearing from you Keith! Hope all is well. You’re welcome back anytime– I’ve got motors and wings for sale, including the wing you learned on if you’re still interested. I’ll be in touch via email or facebook.

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