Mexico and Colombia

Ok, this happens on blogs— I went a really long time without blogging. So,

I’m currently in Mexico. I’ve been here 3 weeks with my family, and now, with my friends. I have participated in one paragliding competition, which ended yesterday. I did not crush it, but I had some great, fun flights. Today I’m taking a break from flying, as I’ve been doing 3-5 hour triangle XC flights for the past week. It’s also time to do my Sales Taxes, so I needed a day on the ground.

I get back to the US Jan. 22. I’ll be around to ship parts, help with motors/wings/kiting, and maybe I’ll even get in a flight if it’s warm. I’ll be honest though– I’m adapting to the daily 85ºF here.

I leave for Colombia in February for more competitions, and lots of XC flying. There should be a good contingent of Maine pilots down there this year, so let me know if you want to come! I’ll  be in Roldanillo for the 2nd and 3rd weeks of February, then I’m open to travelling around after that.

Ok, gotta go– time to demo a new wing!


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