August Update

Sunset flight

It’s been a while since my last update. I’ve been really busy, which is great!

Noteworthy items:

I had a couple of new students in July/August. J needed some touch-up training and help with Airspace and FAR 103, as well as transitional training on the Trike. He progressed quickly and his launches were excellent after just a few flights. Robbie assembled his new Scout Carbon and joined the ranks of the flying (had his first flight) at the end of July. His launches and landings have been great so far, and he was landing on his feet from the first flights, which keeps that sleek Scout motor clean.

Robbie breaking-in his Scout Carbon Moster 185. This is one thoughtfully designed machine. I really like the Safe-Start mechanism– It works!

I have to give a huge thumbs up to Miniplane-USA for servicing a motor that was giving a local pilot trouble. Miniplane and Minari stood behind their product 200% and replaced a defective unit. You’ve made a pilot very happy!

Chris enjoying his new Miniplane Minari 180.

We had some beautiful late summer flights, including some pretty long excursions and triangular flights paths. When the summer winds down, the air calms down a bit. As I write this, we’re in a 3-day-streak of some of the best weather I’ve seen in months.

Ogunquit Beach under pearlescent skies.

There is still one spot open in the September 16-24 class. First person to pay the deposit gets it! I also added 2 slots for September 30-October 8.

Terms of training have changed, based on results I’ve seen this year. You can train on a school motor for up to 15 flights, but after that you have to buy your own motor. However, you can now come back at any time within a year of your start date for additional training. This flexibility has been added to accommodate those with demanding jobs who can’t take a whole 9 days off, and for people who need extra time learning.

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