Continuing Education

Kris started his training in the country of Poland, then returned to the US to continue his paramotor training in Maine. Already having a number of towed flights, and 6 paramotor flights under his belt, He’ll be training for just 5 days. This past weekend he took flights 7 through 13. I’m really impressed with his endurance and ability to launch in no wind! His kiting ability is impressive too, as is his familiarity with the motor (a Polish brand I’m not familiar with; maybe I’ll write about it when I know more). He obviously had good instruction in Poland.

Nevertheless, the first couple hours at School of Personal Flight were spent in the hang test/simulator going over the syllabus to make sure between his two instructors no topic was missed. In addition to coaching Kris through more practice flights, I’ll be teaching him FAR 103 and US Airspace. We’ll also let the trims out on his Synthesis 2 and apply speedbar to see how fast that thing can go. The lucky guy lives really close to the training field, so I think we’ll be flying together a lot 🙂

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