Training Season 2018

Services Offered:

$140 Lesson (click to expand)

3-5 hours, depending on daylight available. May include towed- or tandem- instruction.

courses cover:

  • Safety – how to keep your fingers and your life!
  • Ground School – taught in an air-conditioned conference room.
  • Ground Handling – 90% of the skill required to fly is ground handling.
  • Flight Training – from your first solo to your first few flights, have an experienced voice in your ear.
  • Motor Maintenance – preventative and restorative, with an emphasis on the preventative.
  • Aviation Law – FAR 103: How to have fun without messing it up for the rest of us.

3 free lessons with wing purchase

3 free lessons with motor purchase
Price List for paramotors

$140 Tandem Flight (click to expand)

A 30 minute flight with an instructor. You will have an opportunity to pilot the wing. In-flight refreshments provided, depending on availability. Passenger subject to weight and fitness requirement– Passengers must: weigh 220 pounds or less and be capable of running for a few seconds.

Scheduled Classes:

(note: these are being phased out)


Summer 2018 Scheduled PPG Training

  • 9-day classes through the summer:
    • May 19 – 27 (1 slot available)
  • 9-day course covering Safety, Ground School, Flight Training, Motor Maintenance, and Aviation Law.
  • No prior experience or equipment is required. The School of Personal Flight will provide all the necessary equipment and education.
  • Discounts available if you already have a USPPA (PPG1) or USHPA (P1, P2, etc.) rating.
  • Taught to the USPPA Syllabus

Reserve a spot in a class with a $600 deposit. Remainder of the training fee is due on first day of class. Read the policies before registering.

Make checks payable to:

School of Personal Flight LLC
52 Riverwynde Dr.
Arundel, ME 04046

No sales or use tax is charged for paramotors and parts in Maine per Maine Tax Exemption 88-A